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the lying poem 


the lying poem is a bittersweet poem that aims to deceive

both the lover and the loved-being, 

the in love and the beloved.

the one who resides inside) love, 

to be in love, to be love (by the other)

and the one who makes love appear, the being of the love, 

(the bee loved

blossoming flowers

in a hot summer field, 

and sweet yellow honey


the lying poem is a structural portrait

which offers the reader the site of something

speaking within himself, amourously, (confronting the other





poem #1

She, asleep.


Her sleeping 

I watched. 

She only slept


            (with you). 




poem #2

Away, I was 
Far off, I was
long gone. 

I was turned down. 

I said, She 

Only slept when I was

away, way off, far gone. 


Way off, I claimed

Her sleeping (yours). 








poem #3


She only slept with you
because you were rich and famous





poem #4 


She only slept with you

because you were young and handsome

poem #5

and because you commented on the pine

forest green

in her dark brown eyes



poem #6

and because you laughed, sincerely, at her stupid jokes









poem #7

and because you boiled her coffee in the morning

even though you didn't get any sleep that night

poem #8

and because you were bursting

like the sun

whenever you made her smile


(it was never often enough)










poem #9

and because there was this poem

that you wrote

     too cliché to be anything

other than a declaration

of your love






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