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** welcome **

dear customer, you have fo \o und your way ay to 

to the light ight ht

in this world evereverything is uund&er crontrll and (and)

and chaos non-excsistent ent nt

please ease remove your shoes oes

and move through to your

designated area

you are here because because i have been invited to dinner 

let me tell you who i am

there is an old song sung many years ago

i am that song

my song is a building

it is high and thin

in it, there are rooms

in the rooms, there are dark metals

this is because i once had a dream of becoming a chemist                                                                                                                                                

please use the stairs


5th skytop

4th gallery

3rd loft

2nd floor

1st floor

ground floor

1st basement

2nd basement

3rd basement

4th underground

5th basement

6th basement

7th storageroom

8th archives

9th near bottom

10th well

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